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The Baby Alpaca

Baby Alpaca is one of the most pexclusive and softest fibers worldwide. This animal of peruvian origin lives on the alpine slide of this amazing country.

This yarn has extremely high quality fibers and the balls are so soft and smooth that you wont stop touching them!

The Meriwool

Merino is known as one of the best and most exclusive fibers in the world because of its incredible characteristics, in particular its lightness and softness. Feeling like a second skin! Despite being a thin fiber, Merino will keep you warm because, once it has been knitted the threads have a unique quality that allow them to maintain your ideal body temperature through better insulation.

The Wave

The Wave wool is 100% natural, treated with an extreme delicacy, and will draw your attention from the first moment you see it. Because of the way it’s spun, the yarn will have different thickness throughout the same skein. This will create a unique texture in your knits.